In 1995, Shea Heaver made a career and life decision to depart Northern Ireland and put down roots in the USA.

At the time, he was an IT Manager and had been instrumental in numerous global projects in locations across Europe, Asia and South Florida (where he moved to and still resides).  He continued to work in the IT field managing various programs in the Travel/Leisure, Payroll, Restaurant and Automotive industries.

He was a 3-term VP of Technology for the South Florida Chapter of the global Project Management Institute and his work was recognized with their Innovator of the Year award in 2007.

While working in the Project Management field, he increasingly realized that teams and employees who felt valued were more motivated, which in turn led to greater dedication, productivity, quality and overall success. 

This led him to look deeper into this arena, discussions with Shay McConnon and subsequent formation of Satisfaction At Work.

The focus of the Satisfaction At Work entitiy is to help orgainzations boost Leadership and Employee Engagement using the unique An Even Better Place to Work program.  Satisfaction At WorkThis innovative solution throws out the idea that your build a strong culture by doing annual surveys and expecting management to implement some company-wide concept that suddenly brings everyone together.

Instead it works at the local level by empowering employees and the colleagues they work with (incuding their manager/supervisor) to uncover what is importand and in need of improvement to them - rather than seek a one-size-fits-all answer.  The program then has built-in activities the emplaoyee work on as a team to improve areas such as Feelinge Valued, Motivation, Difference Management, Openness and more.

These are the true building blocks of healthy workplace relationships which is what really drives engagement, culture and (ultimately) productivity.

Shea is currently working on his first book (the proof is below)... which includes a light-hearted (Dr Seuss Inspired) poem about Employee Engagement.

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